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Angelantoni Test Technologies is capable of offering a broad range of test solutions for a great variety of applications, thanks to the expertise and technical know-how of its worldwide teams of experts. ACS and Kenosistec are its leading brands: ACS is world-famous since 1952 for its design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers , including high-tech test equipment such as high vacuum chambers for aerospace applications and calorimeters; Kenosistec is specialized in vacuum equipment for thin film deposition using PVD and PECVD technologies. 

Angelantoni Test Technologies is a company with a turnover of around 40 million euro and 200 employees. The company is part of the Angelantoni Industrie Group, operating globally since 1932, with a turnover of around 75 million euro and 350 employees, and active also in the fields of Life Sciences and Renewable Energy. Angelantoni Test Technologies is now present with its own branch companies in Germany, France, China and India, in addition to being well represented worldwide in over 50 countries.  

Our customers include some of the most important firms in the automotive, aerospace, defence, and electronics sectors.  

Thousands of customers all over the world have chosen Angelantoni Test Technologies products to equip their labs, where cars, trains, airplanes, satellites, phones, and other products have been tested in the most appropriate, accurate, and efficient way. More quality and reliability, fewer discards and failures, for a better sustainability of the environment!

Head Office

Room 1708, Zhubang2000 (Business Bldg 4)
Balizhuang Xili no. 97, Chaoyang District
Beijing, P.R. China (100029)

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Phone:    +86.10.65584982
Fax:         +86.10.65584982
E-Mail:     info@attasiapacific.com
Web:        www.attasiapacific.com