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In the automotive industry, standards are constantly being set higher and higher (reviewed and adjusted), all for the benefit of the consumer and the public at large, in order to meet the demands of new technological developments. ACS standard and customized products allow the simulation of the most diverse environmental test conditions for test repeatability, while providing the highest degree of accuracy.

For over 50 years ACS has designed and manufactured test equipment for a variety of testing applications in the automotive field:

  • Standard and Customized environmental test chambers for temperature, humidity, thermal shock, corrosion, vibrations, sand & dust, solar light testing
  • Climatic Dyno chambers
  • Engine Test benches
  • 4 Poster Test chambers
  • VT shed
  • Climatic Wind Tunnels
  • Airbag Test chambers
  • Corrosion Test chambers
  • Rain Test chambers
  • Sand and Dust Test chambers
  • Solar Test chambers
  • Altitude chambers
  • Calorimeters to test the efficiency of air conditioning system
  • Battery Test chambers
  • Noxious Gas Test chambers
  • Pedal Test chambers
  • Vibration Test chambers
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • ATEX Test chambers
  • Continuous ovens
  • Fluid Dynamic Simulations
  • Special Thermoregulation Units
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