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Continuing in its mission to enrich its range of products through a constant research and development activity, Angelantoni Industrie has increased its contribution in the Renewable Energies sector with the production of tunnel ovens for the annealing treatment and coating of receiver tubes for thermodynamic solar plants.

For this purpose, equipment for performing temperature tests up to 650°C and programmable heating/cooling ramps on specimens was created first. This made it possible to identify the best thermal cycle to use for the tubes in the tunnel oven treatment cycle, in order to guarantee their best performance and reliability. On the basis of the data collected, two types of tunnel ovens were then developed:

  • " GMS” for the treatment of the glass/metal solder
  • " AR” for anti-reflective coating treatment

The GMS oven is used to anneal the glass/metal joints (GMS) made of pieces of borosilicate glass tube with metal rings welded onto them. The advancement speed of the GMS conveyor belt can be regulated to obtain the most suitable thermal cycle for the desired profile.
The AR oven was designed for anti-reflective coating treatment on borosilicate glass jackets of solar receiving tubes. Similar to the "GMS” oven in concept, it is characterized by the advancement of the belt which is not continuous, but step by step, and by the fact that it is suitable for inclusion in a totally automated production line.
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