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Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are permanently subject to the pressure at every stage of the production, they need to bring continuous innovations from the design to the research and development, from the manufacturing to the quality control.
At the same time, the reliability and longevity expectations continue to rise. The proof of a high quality components should be done at an early stage, starting from the design and R&D, because after this point, any additional improvement will cost time and money.

There are also customer’s requirements and more stringent international laws, that have to be fulfilled, increasing constantly the system complexity.
The high expectations of safety driving, drive-ability and comfort, as well as environmental considerations, require even shorter innovation cycles.

To prevent component failures, and considering that the parts, assemblies, modules and integrated systems are subjected to test road simulation and high demanding tests.

To meet the above requirements, manufactures and there suppliers have to apply different test methods to different items (parts, components, assemblies, modules, the all car) from the environmental simulation to the stress screening, from the destruction test to emissions test, combined into a test sequence.

Based on the above, ACS can provide the full tests range solution in order to ensure the necessary quality and durability. Our test systems will help our customers to identify vulnerabilities and material defects, to meet international standards and to open the door to a continue innovation. ACS full tests range solution will support our customers on the latest technology research race, in order to be always at the forefront in terms of reliability, quality and advanced technical solution.

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