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In the automotive industry, standards are constantly being set higher and higher (reviewed and adjusted), all for the benefit of the consumer and the public at large, in order to meet the demands of new technological developments. ACS standard and customized products allow the simulation of the most diverse environmental test conditions for test repeatability, while providing the highest degree of accuracy.

The complete range of vacuum test chambers developed by ACS can be divided into two categories: altitude chambers reaching depression levels of 100 Pascal (1 mbar) and High Vacuum Test chambers (HVT) which, artificially reproducing the real working conditions of satellites and spacecraft equipment, need to reach pressure values down to 10-8 mbar.

Walk-in chambers have been developed for special applications, when the need of performing climatic tests on complex, sometimes huge equipment (cars, refrigerators, computers, telecommunication systems) arises.

Combined thermoclimatic and mechanical stress (vibration) tests are typically performed in sectors at the forefront of technological research.

During their life industrial products are exposed to several atmospherical agents in addition to the well known temperature, humidity and corrosion.

The storage of electrical energy has always posed a technological challenge. Even though there have been significant developments over the past decade, the challenge is still on, with the goalposts being moved continuously by the new needs emerging in various application sectors.

AThe need to limit the energy used in home heating requires precise experimental measurements for the various conditions in which different terminal heating units are used. The chamber developed by ACS, in addition to providing accurate measurements in compliance with the European standard EN 442, enables the additional assessments necessary for determining more realistic evaluation indices for the different types of terminal heating units.

3 ACS climatic chambers for testing the thermal transmittance of components used in the Construction Industry (according to the European standard UNI ISO 12567-1)

In addition to the sector of receiver tubes for thermodynamic solar plants, these Angelantoni ovens can be used in photovoltaic panel production lines and, more in general, for thermal treatments on mechanical devices and any other devices that require programmed thermal profiles.

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