ACS is world-famous since 1952 for its design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers , including high-tech test equipment such as High Vacuum Chambers for aerospace applications and Calorimeters.


Angelantoni Test Technologies is capable of offering a broad range of test solutions for a great variety of applications, thanks to the expertise and technical know-how of its worldwide teams of experts. ACS and Kenosistec are its leading brands. Angelantoni Test Technologies is the ideal partner of high technology industries like Aeronautics, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics and offers the widest testing product range in the market.

Thousands of customers all over the world have chosen ACS climatic chambers to equip their labs, where cars, trains, airplanes, satellites, phones, and other products have been tested in the most appropriate, accurate, and efficient way. More quality and reliability, fewer discards and failures, for a better sustainability of the environment!


Automotive Testing Expo China 2017

Data: 19 - 21 September 2017 / Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall 3 Stand 7012, 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong
Hall 3, stand no.7012
Visitors to Testing Expo China - Automotive 2017 will be able to see the very latest test technologies and services that are being used in the full automotive production process. From the initial prototype analysis through to end of line inspection and quality assurance, and every procedure in between, exhibitors will display their very latest products that are all improving vehicle reliability, durability, safety and quality. Areas covered include: Test simulation Engine and emissions analysis Vibration testing Acoustic testing Environmental testing Mechanical testing Data acquisition Materials testing Non-destructive testing (NDT) Track simulation and laboratory testing EMC analysis Structural and fatigue testing Suspension kinematics and compliance Simulation software Sensors and transducers On-board diagnostics Wind tunnel technology Aerodynamic testing NVH Quality testing/inspection

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